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Your Company’s Values and How Your Peachtree Va Can Help You Maximize Them for Impact. (PART 2 of 2)

Last month, we touched the surface on the importance of making the culture of your
company, your company’s values, visions, and goals CRYSTAL CLEAR to all team

The organizational culture you’ve set for your company can be dynamically powerful
(some more than others), and the degree to which it will be unfailingly reiterated within
your company can help keep THAT POWER turned on. Such reiteration of WHAT
MATTERS, and what is truly important, helps to cement employees’ confidence in their
work, and keeps them motivated and inspired to do their best.

Culture Can and Should Make People Feel

Culture is a set of beliefs and attitudes about the way things are done in your workplace.
It may not be discussed every day, but culture is always there in the background,
affecting every bit of work that gets done.

Let’s face it. In the wake of COVID, and what is being called The Great Resignation,
more people than ever would like to work for organizations whose values align with their
own. Close to 4 out of 10 American workers report a lack of willingness to take a
“perfect fit” job if the organizational culture clashes with their values. More and more
hiring managers consider a candidate’s alignment with the company’s culture to be at
least as important as their skills and experience. So, no surprises. Polish off your
culture, speak it loud and proud. Frequently. From the get-go.

A Good Culture is Critical for Job Satisfaction and Productivity

Also understand that deterioration in the culture of a company sends over 7 out of 10
employees looking for new, alternative opportunities. Don’t lose good team members
because your culture has not been communicated well enough or isn’t being adhered to
closely enough. It gets expensive.

So, to increase productivity, set your culture and STICK TO IT. No guesswork makes for
happier, harder working, and more efficient team members. And, as valuable as
retention of your best team members is these days, you can decrease turnover by
keeping your culture CONSTANT, and in so doing, creating a sense of community, and
a TEAM sense of accomplishment.

How We Can Help

We love helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small and large businesses grow into
the best versions of themselves, by not just METHOD MATCHING them with the perfect fit Virtual Assistant,

but also by sharing, advising, and encouraging. At Peachtree Virtual Assistants, we
pride ourselves on being completely in your corner.

We urge you to foster a culture aligned with your business objectives and continually
make efforts towards maintaining and improving your company’s culture and values.

Let’s have a conversation with you about how carefully selected VA’s have assisted
other companies with culture building and other important tasks.

Please schedule your no obligation phone call with our Director of Business Development to learn more.