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Your Company’s Values and How Your Peachtree VA Can Help You Maximize Them for Impact. (PART 1 of 2)

How well known, and how strongly embraced are your company’s values, visions, and goals? If you’re thinking about an answer to that question, it’s likely that you’ve got some IMPRINTING work to do with your team members.

Behavioral studies make a few things clear. Among them, that the average employee seeks to improve himself, or herself. There is an innate desire among human beings to achieve, to matter, to be useful within his or her work environment. The average employee very much desires to be on an upward trajectory within their company, and it is incumbent upon the leaders of the company to provide ample opportunity to achieve that trajectory, and ultimately, have team members regularly landing among the stars.

There may be no better way to set the foundation for such achievement than to MAKE SURE that the company values, goals, visions, and expectations remain CRYSTAL CLEAR to each team member. Set the tone clearly, and often, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the baseline you are setting through your own behaviors and action steadily TRICKLES DOWN to your employees.

It is so beneficial for your people to UNEQUIVOCALLY KNOW what their leaders’ expectations are, and fully understanding the acceptable methods for arriving at “success.”

Great leaders possess qualities that enable them to create genuine connection, inspire and empower their teams, and be humble and resilient enough to know that they don’t know all the answers. That, in fact, they’re looking to their team members, all on the same “visions, values, and goals” page to help guide them toward answers, and solutions. The ability of your team members to do so is positively impacted by their level of KNOWING.

Here at Peachtree VA, we know well the myriad ways that virtual assistants can help CLEAR THE DECKS for leaders needing to focus on the most important tasks aimed toward expansion, growth, and sales. And we’re also well aware of successes attained by leaders of companies that have turned over responsibility for such “deck-clearing” tasks to virtual assistants. 

We confidently add to that list of VA tasks the ongoing trickle-down communication of company values, visions, and goals to ALL company team members be it through employee of the month’s contests, shout outs to high performers, or fun contests around values.

Would you like to have a conversation about setting this and more in motion with a Peachtree VA for your company? Please schedule your no obligation phone call with our Director of Business Development to learn more.