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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Virtual Assistants?

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about AI of late. 

Will AI make virtual assistants obsolete? We are confident that it’s a hard no.

It just won’t happen because there are too many things that humans can effortlessly do that software/hardware will never be able to replicate. There will always be the need for dedicated, competent, and loyal human beings, and their company enhancing SOFT SKILLS. 

For example, Peachtree Virtual Assistants have strong skills such as problem solving and adaptability. Artificial intelligence will never replicate the functionality of humans, also, understanding “soft skills” is difficult for machines. Humans form productive and collaborative working relationships, they possess personality, potential, drive, and motivation which allows them to deepen personal relationships. Impossible with AI.

Humans vs. AI

AI is getting better, but still severely limited compared to human beings. Human virtual assistants possess emotional intelligence, empathy, and critical thinking abilities that are difficult to replicate in AI systems. 

Humans can understand complex contexts, adapt to unique situations, and provide personalized assistance tailored to individual needs. Then, creative problem-solving and meaningful conversation that go well beyond pre-programmed, and oftentimes “short shrift” responses from AI put human beings over the top, especially when it comes to making your customers feel heard, and important. 

There is No Substitute

Lastly, there are many industries where human interaction plays a crucial role in building trust and establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships. So, we look forward to increased synergy between human VAs, and AI in the decades to come. AI technology can augment human capabilities and help with the automation of routine tasks, gathering and processing data, and enhancing efficiency. Human virtual assistants can focus on higher-level tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and deep interpersonal connections.

Enhance Not Replace

All that said, it is likely that AI will be able to enhance the capabilities of human virtual assistants, making them more productive, useful, and efficient. Peachtree VA is confident that the future looks very bright indeed for human VA’s.

Let Peachtree VA create that type of synergy for you with the best VA’s available, and the best AI as icing on your cake. Contact us today and let’s get started.