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Is This Type of Work Right for Me?

There are so many reasons that flexible, part time, remote work can be the perfect fit for you.

Are you…

An empty nester looking to stay busy but from the comfort of home?

A military spouse or partner looking for a job that can move with you?

A skilled freelancer tired of finding your own clients?

A parent that wants work life balance?

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Our VA’s cite many different reasons why being a VA is the perfect fit for them. Although they may have very different circumstances that attract them to the position, the overall recurring benefit they cite is FLEXIBILITY.

We have VA’s from all seasons of life. Here are just a few:

  • Empty nesters that prefer to stay busy from the comfort of home.
  • Military spouses or partners looking for a job that can easily move with them.
  • Skilled freelancers who grew tired of finding their own clients.
  • Parents that are after work/ life balance.  For example: VA’s that work when their children are in school.
  • Individuals who are serving as point person for helping to care for sick or elderly parents. For example: driving loved ones to medical appointments.

Our VA’s remain fully supported by us after they are matched with a client. You have a voice before and during your time with the client. Our Method Matching system matches you not only based on your skills, but also on chemistry.

Our VA’s skill sets vary from administrative support tasks to more specialized skills.

From Our VA's...

“Being a Veteran VA, I had plenty of workspaces to choose from. After researching the Founder, I connected deeply and was intrigued to learn more about Peachtree VA. I was interested in finding a company that served in excellence and was in alignment with my core values. Once I saw that Peachtree shared similar beliefs as my own, I was sold and knew I had found my new VA family.”
Sonja Sells
Versatile Assistant
“It's clear that Peachtree has dedicated, passionate and thoughtful management who recognize and connect people based on something much deeper than a resume or LinkedIn. Coming out of unprecedented global events, I was much more focused on finding a workspace that I felt fundamental alignment with, and in every step of the hiring and onboarding process, I found myself thinking "this is how EVERYONE should be doing it!"”
Pan Alaxia
Versatile Assistant
"Knowing that Peachtree VA will be a constant during the uncertainty of military life has been such a blessing. I am so grateful for finding Peachtree VA."
Morgan Boulay
Military Spouse & Versatile Assistant
“I enjoy the clients I work with and feel I have a seat at the table in the successes as well as overcoming any challenges. I feel like I am part of each team I give support to. I love the freedom to manage my time and feel that I have the support of the other VAs and Peachtree Corporate team members.”
Terri Dahl
Versatile Assistant
“I chose to work with Peachtree VA because I wanted to work for a company whose core values aligned perfectly with my own core values. As a military spouse, working for Peachtree VA allows me the flexibility to work from home, be there for my family, and take my job with me anywhere the military may send us.”
Erica McNicoll
Versatile Assistant

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