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Is it Time for a Peachtree Virtual Assistant?

Preparing to Hire a Peachtree Virtual Assistant

There comes a time in the life of a business when it makes sense to begin delegating the tasks you can, so that you are free to pour more into your business via high level tasks that are your responsibility… and vital for the growth of your business.

We would love to help you determine if you are ready to begin delegating. Our Director of Business Development will walk you through the process to help determine if you are ready, and how your Peachtree Virtual Assistant can best help you succeed.

If you want to think through and explore the prospect on your own, before scheduling your no obligation phone call, we’ve outlined some useful questions and exercises you can complete to help you gain valuable insight.

Identify Your Tasks

Sometimes we get so busy doing and getting it done, we don’t take time to reflect on how we can do it more efficiently, or if we could possibly delegate it to someone else. So, we encourage you to step back, take a 10,000-foot view of your day and your tasks, and identify then list what all you’re doing so you can accurately access if you can conceivably delegate at least some of those tasks to someone else.

How to Begin

Make a list of all your responsibilities and then rank them from most important to least important. Once you’ve determined what tasks are most urgent, now consider and assign them a time and effort number…meaning how much time and effort they require.

It’s also important to create a separate list of what you’re NOT getting done in terms of high-level tasks that you need to complete that would help move your business forward.

Skills – Clerical vs Higher Level

If you want to delegate tasks that require higher level skills like creativity and problem-solving, it’s helpful to time yourself completing these tasks, and use that time spent as an estimation guide.

If a task requires general clerical work (like filing or data entry), then the cost per hour for that service will be lower than if someone needs to complete research or write a blog post.

Our  highly skilled, professional Peachtree Virtual Assistants  have a wide variety of skill sets, and are Method Matched to your company culture as well.

Summary of Action Steps

  • Create a list of all the tasks.
  • Prioritize the tasks.
  • List all the high-level tasks that you are NOT routinely accomplishing that would help your business grow and develop.
  • Ask yourself if all the tasks need to be completed by you personally.
  • Add time estimates on all the tasks along with frequency.

The ability to recognize what you need to delegate and what you need to focus on can be extremely beneficial and bring tremendous value to the company and your efforts.

Learning to delegate is an incredibly important skill that successful leaders implement daily. Read our earlier Website Blog Post, Follow the Leader: The Delegating Leadership Style for a discussion on delegation leadership.


We would love to speak to you about your needs and how we can help. Schedule your no obligation phone call with our Director of Business Services and we’ll have you delegating like a boss!