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How We Work

Let's Talk About It

Schedule Your No Obligation Call with our Director of Business Development.

Before you are matched with your VA, we will take you through the PEACHTREE PROCESS. We will help you determine your precise needs, if and how we can help, and how much time you need a Virtual Assistant. Our Director of Business Development also gets to know you, not just your needs, but also what the company culture is like, by asking the right questions and listening carefully.

Moving Forward with Peachtree’s Method Matching

Our extraordinarily high retention rate is no accident.

Next up is an onboarding Peachtree METHOD MATCHING with our Talent/Client Coordination Team to set you up for success. At this stage, we know a lot about you (as well as our VA’s) so we are ready to expertly match you with your VA – both in competency and chemistry. The reason we have such an extraordinarily high matching success rate is because we excel at connecting our clients with VA’s that are the best fit for them.

Ongoing Support

We stay in your corner and don’t disappear.

Your RELATIONSHIP SPECIALIST provides support with frequent check-ins, and is available to you whenever you need. We want to ensure that you and your VA are engaged in a highly productive, mutually successful relationship. As your business evolves, we will quickly make any necessary adjustments to hours and tasks that you may require.

Let's Get Started

Schedule a no obligation call and explore the possibilities of working with a Peachtree VA “Method-Matched” for you and your needs. Then, watch your workday become instantly better and dramatically more productive.