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How to Successfully Communicate Internally

How to Successfully Communicate Internally

Communication has often been called the oxygen for any organization. Yet a shocking
number of business leaders are poor communicators to the detriment of their business.
Poor communication cost time, money, creates misunderstandings and robs the
organization of the incredible benefits of meaningful and productive collaboration.


Internal Communication Environment Defined

Internal collaborative communication is when team members work together and share
their opinions, ideas, and expertise to collectively complete tasks or achieve a shared

Very simply, sharing information and ideas, coordinating efforts and tasks results in
enhanced creativity, greater efficiency, and better results.


Lack of Internal Communication Environment

In an environment where team members don’t communicate well, they typically forget
the main goals and how their work fits into the bigger plan. Tunnel vision is the norm
and big picture is not top of mind, but rather the individual’s objectives and KPIs are the
singular focus.

Often a team is denied information that is relevant to their individual outcomes as well
resulting in the creation of “silos.”


Lack of communication leads to silos, further deterring collaboration resulting in
unclear objectives, duplicated work, and breakdowns in workflow and handoffs.

Empowering your team with an environment that fosters high levels of internal
collaboration communication results in not only better outcomes, but employee
satisfaction as well. According to a recent study, nearly three-quarters of employees
consider collaboration and teamwork essential.

In addition, a commitment to fostering a strong internal communication environment
shows your team that you care about their success. A State of Workplace Empathy
Report detailed that 76% of employees felt an empathetic company inspires and
motivates their team members.


Tips to Create Internal Collaborative Communication Work Environment

  • Scheduling regular brainstorming meetings and encouraging everyone to share.
  • Allow an OPEN DOOR for questions so employees can ask questions about
    company policies, culture, and initiatives.
  • Create a knowledge database where people or teams can share information and
    learn from each other.
  • Establish frequent cross-team check-ins and meetings.


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