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Happy New Year! The Business Resolution Edition.

Happy New Year! The Business Resolution Edition.

Is it that time again already? ‘Tis!

To many, each new year represents a fresh start, a new beginning… with reflection upon the year gone by to help us determine how, and where we want to move forward to in the promising, and always hopeful New Year. After all, hope DOES spring eternal. 

Many make personal resolutions (don’t sweat it if the ENTIRE ten pounds you vowed would come off after last holiday season’s festivities has not fully disappeared yet) … this blog is targeted more toward business owners making transformative business resolutions that will see them roaring out of 2024’s gates.  

Below is a partial list of resolutions from Forbes Magazine.

Feel free to borrow and resolve to do them! The list was curated by a group of business movers and shakers, and deemed tried, true, and transformative by that very group. 

  1. Advance Your Online Presence

It’s easy to think that our businesses are as “virtual as need be.” Truth is, there has been such a vast amount of technological growth, and technical innovation in recent years that many that think they are “set” can benefit greatly by moving this important ball further forward. As more and more facets of life move online, it makes sense that the most forward thinking will continue to streamline the processes for selling products and services to customers online. Ongoing investment and diversification is paramount to leading. Leave competition behind, DO NOT be bringing up the rear on them.

  1. Provide Stronger Employee Incentives

Create at least one strong incentive for every employee to love your company. While good pay, and interesting work have been the traditional adhesives for employee retention, throw tradition out the window. Post pandemic, we are dealing with record high resignation rates. Additional glue may be required in 2024. Make it a resolution to ensure that each current employee has at least one strong, unique reason to stick around. Consider building better bonds with individuals, formalizing a new perk that everyone cares about, incentivizing employees to work closely together, or funding a charity everyone loves. 

  1. Build A Better Growth Mindset

Aim to be better every year. With a growth mindset, business owners can tackle the major challenges in their businesses that are preventing further growth. At any given point, no matter the stage of the business, there are plenty of processes that can be improved to further streamline a business and capitalize on its prospects. For example, building a predictable sales engine is the goal of countless businesses, yet it is also rarely achieved. Achieve it. 

  1. Refine Your Brand from Every Angle

It is smart for business leaders to refine their brands from all angles at the start of each year. You’ll want to think about what you can do to improve your products, as well as the experience customers have when engaging with your brand. 

  1. Foster A More Positive Work Environment

With the challenges of recent years, business leaders should be hyper-focused on creating a more positive work environment for all. That includes being open to and encouraging feedback from all employees… listening and responding to their needs. A happy team is a productive team. An overworked, miserable team will result in lost employees. Positive motivation always works and is always positive. 

  1. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the new way to go post-pandemic. Most people cannot imagine going back to pre-2019 days where we commuted to work, sat at a desk for eight hours in preparation for a commute back home. Rinse, and repeat. Today’s trend appears to be corralling sheep back into their pens (offices) and seeing them look elsewhere for new jobs/careers because they spent two years creating more productive sanctuaries in their homes. Put people before profits because the profits will come organically when you retain a strong team that likes who they work for and appreciate the values their company stands for. 

  1. Develop A More Compassionate Approach

The past few years have witnessed so many changes that have altered businesses and lives across the board. We are going into hybrid work models, we have lost and regained child care, there have been personal traumas and much more. Have compassion in 2024 for everyone you encounter. Even though we are heading into a new period of “normalcy,” supply chain shortages could linger, we will endure new variants, and we should practice more compassion throughout to make this time easier and more productive. Some ways of communicating and

  1. Create A Clear Sense of Direction

Start 2024 by establishing clear goals. Absent a clear sense of direction, businesses tend to fall off track as the year progresses. Once set, revisit goals monthly to stay ON TRACK. 

  1. Listen Closely to Customers

Listening more and speaking less is always a good goal. Practical steps like creating and sending surveys, creating feedback forms, and regularly responding to customers. Don’t be blind, deaf, or dumb to what your customers are clamoring for. Commit to hearing what your customers say, and respect what they’re saying too, even if it’s not complimentary. It requires clear comprehension of what your customers think and feel for the creation of a product THEY LOVE to occur.


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