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Finish Strong. Send Your Fourth Quarter Out with a Bang

Do not miss out on fourth quarter opportunities to accomplish or surpass your annual goals. By doubling down on your efforts and thinking of the Q4 as a 12-week, make or break window, you can accomplish a great deal.  Be prepared to adjust and recalibrate quickly and refuse to quit until they drop the ball in Time’s Square. 

Here are the Top 5 things you can implement to make the most of your time and finish strong.

1. Review Now.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to review status. Taking a hard look to determine where you stand now can provide insight that can help your business finish strong. If an early-year initiative hasn’t produced fruit yet, you may want to adjust, or change immediately! Plus, adjusting and implementing a sharper strategy now, will tee your company up nicely for a January 2023 kick off.  

Also, review your financials and tax liabilities to make sure you are set for any soft weeks that the holidays may bring. Review your social media analytics, your website SEO and other markers.

2. Create Momentum By Setting Mini Goals.

Based on what you learn in your review, set some mini goals that you and your team can get behind. Make them small and weekly, or monthly. This a great way to build motivation and momentum.

3. Adjust Depending On Conditions.

Supply chain problems still impacting your business? Think through options to alleviate any pain points that may slow down your operation and growth. Strategize several options so that you are not left scrambling for solutions.

4. Create And Live By A Calendar.

Remember the quarter has 12 weeks. Yes, they are punctuated by a series of seemingly never-ending holidays, making it the quarter of stops and starts. But there are still opportunities to reach your goals, exceed your sales targets, and close   gaps. Establish and stick to your deadlines and milestones and do it with conviction (read hair on fire) as there is no longer a cushion.

With some careful calendar planning, you can still successfully manage your time to adjust and finish strong.

5. Refine Marketing Messages.

If you are a company that traditionally benefits from the fourth quarter, fantastic. Make sure that you are targeting existing customers and are still focusing on acquiring new ones.

End of year is a great time to consider sending client gifts (a great marketing delivery system) and perhaps hosting an end of year Holiday event.

Finally, the fourth quarter is also a great time to pre-plan your kickoff marketing strategy and messaging for 2023 so you can hit the new year running.

The final quarter will fly by at lighting speed. The holidays invariably will create all the extras and busyness that can be all consuming. So get your plans together, buckle up and manage your fourth quarter like a boss.  

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