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Finding Your Zone of Genius 

Have you seen the new Verizon commercials with Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Award winning actor Paul Giamatti as Einstein? Clearly, Albert Einstein spent most of his life within his “Zone of Genius.” However, in the commercialthe Einstein character dubs himself “stupid” for venturing outside his “Zone” to secure mobile coverage, and for failing to go with Verizon’s superior offering while complaining that his “netvork vent kaput.” There is a tongue in cheek message for each of us within that humorous spot.

The phrase “Zone of Genius” was coined by Psychologist Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap. 

He identifies four zones (Incompetence, Competence, Excellence, and Genius) in order of desirability, and each is somewhat self-explanatory. It is the FOUR STAR Zone of Genius that we will concentrate on here, in part, because being in that zone requires some paradoxical, and out of the box thinking.

For example, Einstein was literally a genius. What makes us chuckle about the Verizon character’s self- deprecation for choosing the “netvork that vent kaput” is that most geniuses have weak spots, but they’re smart enough to recognize that, and delegate tasks revolving around such weak spots to others. In the spot, “Einstein” decided to shop for his mobile network himself rather than delegating it to others with far less going on in their brains. 

Are you short-changing yourself by willfully operating in a lesser zone because you’re unwilling to cede control, or trust others to help you? 

We’ve all heard the phrase “go with the flow.” Easy enough to do, for anybody really, just “don’t make waves.” But for people operating in their own personal “Zone of Genius” it is required that they “GET INTO their flows.” This requires thought, and deep understanding of one’s most innate abilities, the things that come most naturally, that didn’t require “learning.” Things that create inspiration, joy, and heightened satisfaction because the work being produced is so head and shoulders above what had been produced before.

Ironically, an individual’s “zone of genius” revolves around what is most effortless for her, or him. To be able to relax, and lean into work that feels most NATURAL, and engaging is what allows people to create almost instantaneously, and without much thought. 

Combining one’s innate talents and skill with hours of practice and repetition will ultimately lead to ongoing “zone of genius” contributions, with far less drudgery. The real EFFORT may lie in doing the initial deep dive into what does come most naturally to us, what we are most passionate about doing, where our most natural gifts truly lay. Then, separating the chaff out from all that beautiful wheat, and leaving it to others. 

Getting the right support will allow you to identify, and focus upon what is most naturally YOURS, what you love, and have passion for, as well as the unique things that you bring to the table. 

Peachtree Versatile Assistants is here to help. Let’s chat and see how we can keep you focused on “your innate genius” so that you may be freed up to delegate the rest!

Oh, and for what it’s worth, it probably makes sense for Paul Giamatti to continue to focus on what his biography speaks to him LOVING since he was young. Sticking with the innate pleasure, joy, and satisfaction that has always resulted from his acting. You just can’t argue with award winning work stemming from “zone of genius” operations.


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