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Let’s start with a few guiding questions:

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by operational tasks, focusing more on the day-to-day than on strategic growth?
  • Are you or your team spread so thin with administrative tasks that you’re unable to focus on long-term goals and expansion?
  • Is there a growing list of objectives that you need to achieve but lack the time to tackle?


Take our quiz to discover how a Peachtree Virtual Assistant can revolutionize your workflow and help you regain focus on what truly matters for your business growth.

Unlike other virtual assistant services, our Method Matching is a meticulously tailored process. We handpick your Virtual Assistant based on a harmonious blend of technical skills, soft skills, alignment with your company culture, and compatibility with your leadership style. We think of it as the perfect marriage of Competency and Chemistry, setting us apart from the competition.

Soft skills, which include both tangible abilities like advanced presentation skills and intangible qualities like emotional intelligence, are essential. A Virtual Assistant adept in soft skills is a proactive problem solver and an invaluable asset in managing interpersonal dynamics, resolving conflicts, and providing stellar customer service, making your business operations smooth and efficient.

Imagine having an expert who can manage your calendar, handle email correspondences, oversee social media strategies, edit important documents, book travel, arrange impactful events, and coordinate essential communications. A Peachtree VA is equipped to handle all these tasks, pulling you out of the weeds and allowing you to focus on high-impact business strategies.

Explore our Skill Sets for more detailed information.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from CEOs and COOs to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and busy leaders without dedicated support. Teams facing resource gaps and organizations feeling the strain of expansion find immense value in our services. In truth, our offerings can benefit anyone looking for efficient business solutions. See here for more.

Opting for a Peachtree Virtual Assistant offers significant benefits:

You save money.
You’ll avoid the hefty expenses associated with traditional hiring, such as payroll taxes, insurance costs, recruitment fees, and training investments.

You save time.
Our process eliminates the need for you to engage in the lengthy and often cumbersome activities of vetting, interviewing, and training new hires. We handle all aspects, ensuring you receive a VA that fits perfectly in both skills and personality.

You save the risk.
Hiring can be risky, particularly if a match turns out to be unsuitable after considerable investment. With Peachtree, you minimize this risk, as we maintain a high success rate and take care of any adjustments needed.

The investment is dependent upon the number of hours you need your Peachtree Virtual Assistant. Our Director of Business Development is very skilled in listening to your needs, asking insightful questions, and helping you determine the number of hours you may need.

The beauty is that if you need more hours, you can add them. Our Peachtree VA’s track and report on your hours regularly, providing full transparency on how those hours are spent.

A notable point of difference for us is that we have a lower financial entry point for our clients than most other VA companies. We want to meet you exactly where you are, and help you grow.

We get it right an overwhelming majority of the time. In fact, our Match Success rate is a whopping 95%! However, should there be an issue, our Relationship Specialist will step in immediately to diagnose, and identify a new Peachtree VA to minimize any gaps in service.

We understand the importance of confidentiality. Our VAs adhere to the highest professional standards, including signing strict confidentiality agreements and complying with all client-specific requirements to safeguard your sensitive information.

Of course. Tasks like responding to emails, and returning phone calls are just two of the things you can take off your plate. Real time call answering is most likely not the best use of your VA’s time, but we have creative solutions for real time answering we can recommend.

Our VAs operate Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., syncing seamlessly with your preferred time zone to provide consistent and reliable support.

The VA can be flexible with your hours throughout the month. They will adapt to your weekly work flow. We ask that you use the contracted hours within the month with no rollovers. If additional hours are needed, you are in control to authorize overages. Additional hours will be billed at your current rate with no penalties. We track and report so you can always adjust the workflow.

We offer convenient payment options including credit card and ACH, making it easy to manage your account and services.

We’re always looking for talented individuals. Apply Here.

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It’s a common misconception that direct hiring is less expensive. In reality, when you factor in recruiting costs, training, benefits, and the potential for turnover, it can be significantly more costly. Our virtual assistant services offer a budget-friendly alternative that saves you both time and resources, while also mitigating the risks of employee turnover.

Our virtual assistants are 1099 independent contractors. This arrangement allows us to handle all contractual and compliance aspects, giving you the flexibility and ease of service without the administrative overhead.

Absolutely. We encourage you to fully integrate your VA into your team. You may choose to give them a title as well.

Yes. We appreciate when our clients refer us to other clients. In fact, our Client Referral Partners receive $300 for each referral that signs on. The link for referrals can be found here.

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