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Let’s answer this question with some questions.

Are you frustrated working more in your business than on your business?

Are you or your team members stretched so thin with admin tasks that you can’t focus on strategy, growth, and the big picture?

Do you need to accomplish more?

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Our Method Matching sets us apart from other providers. Your dedicated Virtual Assistant is handpicked, and intentionally matched based upon technical skills, soft skills, your company culture, and leadership style. We sometimes refer to it as Competency and Chemistry.

Soft skills are incredibly important. They include tangible things like exceptional presentation skills or networking capabilities. But they also include more of the intangibles like social and emotional intelligence (being able to read the room).

A VA with strong Soft Skills is typically a lifelong learner, highly proactive, and as such is an invaluable asset, as they can help to resolve conflicts, solve problems, and provide excellent customer service.

Manage your calendar, book appointments, manage email, post social media, proof and edit documents, book travel, arrange events, coordinate communication, invoicing and accounting. Essentially they accomplish all the things that get you out of your drudgery zone and on with the higher level business of working on your business.
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We have clients from a wide variety of businesses and positions. Examples include CEO, COO, Directors, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, busy leaders within an organization that do not have a dedicated assistant, teams that have multiple gaps, organizations that are stretched thin and burned out. Personally, we think everyone could use a VA!

There are many, but here are the Top Three.

You save money.
The financial burden of conventional hiring is significant – payroll taxes, insurance coverage, search fees, and training expenses represent a substantial financial hit.

You save time.
You don’t have to invest the time and effort into vetting, interviewing, hiring, training, and onboarding a traditional hire yourself. We manage all of that and deliver the person to you that is typically the perfect fit, in both skills and chemistry.

You save the emotional risk.
If you hire incorrectly, after all that effort, time and money spent, it takes an emotional toll. You also face the frustration of potentially having to do it all over again.

The investment is dependent upon the number of hours you need your Peachtree VA. Our Director of Business Development is very skilled in listening to your needs, asking insightful questions, and helping you determine the number of hours you may need.

The beauty is that if you need more hours, you can add them. Our Peachtree VA’s track and report on your hours regularly, providing full transparency on how those hours are spent.

A notable point of difference for us is that we have a lower financial entry point for our clients than most other VA companies. We want to meet you exactly where you are, and help you grow.

We get it right an overwhelming majority of the time. In fact, our Match Success rate is a whopping 95 percent. GO US! However, should there be an issue, our Relationship Specialist will step in immediately to diagnose, and identify a new Peachtree VA to minimize any gaps in service.

Peachtree VA’s are equipped with professional best practices, required to sign confidentiality agreements, and to abide by the client’s compliance needs. Additional measures may be requested to accommodate your company’s requirements.

Of course. Tasks like responding to emails, and returning phone calls are just two of the things you can take off your plate. Real time call answering is most likely not the best use of your VA’s time, but we have creative solutions for real time answering we can recommend.

Our assistants are available during the standard work week, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the client’s preferred time zone.

The VA can be flexible with your hours throughout the month. They will adapt to your weekly work flow. We ask that you use the contracted hours within the month with no rollovers. If additional hours are needed, you are in control to authorize overages. Additional hours will be billed at your current rate with no penalties. We track and report so you can always adjust the workflow.

We accept credit cards or ACH plus-pay methods.

No it’s not. Quite simply, hiring traditionally is a long and expensive process. The cost of traditional hiring can be a full 78% higher, and exponentially higher than that if your new expensive hire does not work out.

With hiring directly there are direct costs like recruiting, interviewing, payroll with sick time, personal time and vacation pay. In addition to payroll, don’t forget benefits like health care coverage, life insurance. dental plans and more.

Then there are the indirect costs as well. The cost of training and retaining the employee is high, and then there’s the real risk of having to do it all over again.

Research suggests that direct replacement costs can be as high as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary. Then there’s the price of turnover with a traditional hire with total costs ranging from 90% to 200% of annual salary.

The VA is considered a 1099 independent contractor and as such, Peachtree handles that independent contractor relationship.

Sure. We encourage you to fully integrate your VA into your team. You may choose to give them a title as well.

Yes. We appreciate when our clients refer us to other clients. In fact, our Client Referral Partners receive $300 for each referral that signs on. The link for referrals can be found HERE.

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