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As a premier provider of U.S.-based Virtual Administrative Assistants, Peachtree VA is also your trusted partner in Direct Hire services. We specialize in recruiting for essential support roles tailored specifically for your business needs. Whether you need an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Operations Manager, Project Manager, or Sales Assistant, our personalized service is designed to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Why Choose Peachtree for Direct Hiring? Our approach is distinctively meticulous—we dedicate the same level of care, attention, and effort to your hiring process as you would if you had unlimited time at your disposal.

Given the detailed and personalized nature of our service, we selectively undertake a limited number of roles each month, ensuring dedicated focus and exceptional outcomes for each client.

Our Comprehensive Direct Hire Process Includes:

  • Market research
  • Helping to draft/finalize the job description
  • Posting the opportunity on various platforms (like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc)
  • Sourcing/screening applicants
  • Administering skills assessments provided by the client (if applicable)
  • Conduct initial interviews
  • Reference checks
  • FCRA-compliant background checks.

Selecting the Right Candidate
After our rigorous screening process, we present you with a slate of qualified and vetted candidates. This allows you to review and conduct final interviews, making an informed decision on who will be the best addition to your team.

Ready to Enhance Your Team? Let’s discuss how our Direct Hire services can fulfill your staffing needs with precision and care.

Schedule Your No Obligation Call today to explore how Peachtree can help you streamline your hiring process and secure the ideal candidate for your organization.

"Stanton Law recently reached out to Peachtree VA, our pot of gold at the end of the Virtual Assistant rainbow, to ask if they could duplicate their magic touch in providing exceptional VA’s and help with a search for a law office manager. The answer was a resounding yes, and we were introduced to their Direct Hire program. We cannot overstate how pleased we are with the quality of candidates, the multi-layers of screening and vetting, the frank discussions about pros and cons of each candidate, and the willingness to keep hunting until we felt we had our manager."
William Fadul