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Delegation is NOT a Dirty Word.

Delegation is not a Dirty Word.  

More importantly, it can significantly impact to your success.  

As small business owners, we know that success oftentimes boils down to good old-fashioned hard work, and smart decision-making. 

Important Question Alert 

As business leaders, are we as laser focused on the most important work, and most important decisions as we should be? You know, the things that ALWAYS increase productivity, and boost revenues? Sober assessment time.

Many of us fall down in this area. Too much sweeping up of small crumbs, when our leadership positions call for so much more. Many of us find ourselves in productivity boosting, and time management cycles… bringing on Virtual Assistants is proving to be incredibly sharp decision-making indeed for business owners in such important cycles. 

We Know What We Love to Do, And NEED to Do 

Should we decide, in the interest of increasing productivity, and enhancing time management, to bring a Virtual Assistant onboard (or two, depending upon needs) we very well may join the hundreds of businesses nation-wide that are freeing up their leaders to focus on the most important (and bottom line enhancing) aspects of their businesses.  

Most of us already have some understanding about what is dragging us down on the aforementioned “small crumbs” front. And many of us will suffer some separation anxiety from “controlling things” that are now best left to VA’s. 

We should be specific about what we’d like a VA to be handling for us, for WHATEVER reasons, and with an eye toward how many hours per week we currently expend toward these relatively menial tasks. Also specific about the “more 30,000 foot” tasks that we’ve been unable to fully focus on as we started, and grew our businesses. Bottom line, it’s TIME! 

So DELEGATE, CELEBRATE, dance to the music that is your more prosperous, and well managed business because you are practicing impactful delegation. 

We will all do well to retain the tasks that we excel at, are passionate about, and that bring unique value in terms of revenue, expertise, and effective time management. Much of what remains can be considered for offloading to a virtual assistant so we can collectively bring more time and energy to bear on taking our businesses NEXT LEVEL.  

Let’s Get Started 

At Peachtree Virtual Assistants, we have highly skilled assistants that are ready to work for you. Our Method Matching ensures that you will get the person that is skill set suited, but also an assistant that is a “culture match” for your company.  

Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss such “next level” pursuits? We have Virtual Assistants ready for assignment at any, and ALL businesses. Let’s  talk…