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If you are a manager, entrepreneur, or solopreneur, it is easy to lose sight of your role and your days and become bogged down in the busyness of the business

Operating busy can prevent you from being your most productive and undermine your business goals. 

In a startup environment especially, it is easy to be very busy, but the real challenge is finding ways to be truly productive in your work. Effort is required to not lose sight of the bigger picture and focus required to perform high level tasks needed to grow and scale your business. 

Productive people often ask, “How can I get the most out of my day with the least amount of effort?” It can appear to be lazy, but it is not. In fact, productive people are not looking for ways to avoid putting forth effort, but rather to put forth effort where it matters most. 

In this blog post, we will examine two distinct styles of how you manage your time and business, and the tendencies that support each of them. 

Busy vs. Productive

Spending Time During the Workday

  • Busy People Often Prioritize Shallow Tasks (like emails, social media) very often over strategic ongoing tasks necessary to grow and scale their business. 
  • Productive People Often Prioritize Most Important Tasks to Give Their Attention to Anything. 


Developing Single Mindedness

  • Busy People Often Give Their Attention to Anything. 
  • Productive People Often Set Aside Dedicated Work Blocks that are Sacred to Work on Strategic Planning. 


Developing Focus Through Time Blocking

  • Busy People Attempt to Multi Task (Continuously do Shallow Tasks)
  • Productive People Hyper Focus on a Single Tasks (Batch Shallow Tasks)


Approaching Project

  • Busy People Tackle Lots of Good Projects in Play Simultaneously. 
  • Productive People Screen Good Projects and Only Take Great Ones. 


Learning to Say No

  • Busy People Say “Yes” by Default 
  • Productive People Say “No” by Default. Then, if Interested After a Thorough Examination, Circle Back to Say Yes. 


These key behaviors from Zen Productivity  can be used to examine yourself and your tendencies. If the “Busy People” tendencies describe you, the “Productive People” approach gives you the alternative to better serve your business. 


Want to explore bringing in a Virtual Assistant to help with your shallow task load and off load some of your “busy work”/ Contact our Director of Business Development for a no obligation phone call to see how we can help.