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We’re an agile mix of coordinators, planners, specialists, managers and directors with an excellent set of unique skills designed to match you with the perfect VA, and provide the ongoing support you and your business deserve.
John McKenna headshot
John McKenna
Heather Stray headshot
Heather Stray
Director of Client & Talent Relations
Darleen Priday headshot
Darleen Priday
Director of Business Development
Melissa Jeffries headshot
Melissa Jeffries
Client Relations Administrator
Cindy Repko headshot
Cindy Repko
Director of Finance
Morgan Wright headshot
Morgan Wright
Relationship Specialist
Sarah Harlan headshot
Sarah Harlan
Relationship Specialist
Krista Hernandez headshot
Krista Hernandez
Talent Acquisition Manager
Maddy Evans headshot
Maddy Evans
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Brittany Hudson headshot
Brittany Hudson
Talent & Client Coordinator
Morgan Boulay headshot
Morgan Boulay
Talent & Client Coordinator
Alyssa Hutton headshot
Alyssa Hutton
Executive Assistant

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