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Client Reviews

“I now save 20 hours per week by having a VA.”

"When I had my initial consultation with Darleen, my list of "wants" from a VA was pretty long. Peachtree VA was able to take that form, drill down specific areas I could use support, and they went to work immediately and found me an amazing VA. Their counsel from early on really helped us narrow in on the things that anyone else could be doing but me, and I now save 20 hours per week by having a VA on our team."

“My VA is really good at cross checking with me…”

"During Covid, my company went digital. It was a process I have always using prior to Covid, so I had processes in place on how to work digitally. That comes with a lot of work on the back end. My VA is really good at cross checking with me and making sure I am sending the right message and getting follow ups done."

“…helps me stay on task.”

"Our VA is amazing with helping me with the delegation and having her allows me to focus my energy where it needs to be focused. It has been so much easier with our team for scheduling purposes and emails, and it is just so nice having her. She is really good and we work really well together. She is part of our team and helps me stay on task."

“Transformed our ability to focus more…”

"Our virtual assistant has only been with us for 7 months and has absolutely transformed our ability to focus more on bringing in new business. She has created systems and processes that make us more efficient and less stressed, and perhaps most importantly, less likely to lose money due to disorganization. She rolls with the chaos and is productive and responsive. Peachtree has been extremely accommodating to my needs as CEO in 1 year of working with them. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s time to get a VA, I would advise you to jump in. You’ll be shocked at how much you needed this assistance and possibly kicking yourself for not doing it sooner!"

“So thankful I made the decision to have a VA assist me.”

"So far, I’m very pleased with my VA. She’s been my calm partner as I weather this storm and other stressful issues like my aging parents. I’m so thankful I made the decision to have a VA assist me. She’s awesome!"

“Allowed us to go even further…”

"It’s been wonderful to have an additional team member to come on and help support us. Having our Virtual Assistant has actually allowed us to do more. It has allowed us to go even further with her support."

“Freed up our team…”

"Using fractional staffing support like Peachtree VA has been such a natural fit. There are certain tasks that we have been able to hand over to our assistant which has been amazing, because it has freed up our team to really lean into the specialty services they are the experts in."

“Helped me focus…”

"Peachtree VA has been so essential for us. Having someone to count on, execute things and take out the 'other' work that needs to be done, has helped me focus on a higher level of thinking."

“…helps me stay organized.”

"My first week working with my VA was great! She has already taken work off my plate and helps me stay organized. I really appreciate her communication style. I don't always have a clear vision for what I want something to look like, and my VA is great about clarifying what the result should be and designing the format."

“Things will be executed.”

"With my VA, I can trust that once a decision is made, things will be executed. The quality of my relationship with my VA allows things in my business to keep moving forward. When I lean into something, my VA leans in right with me."

“Nothing short of excellent.”

"I started working with Peachtree VA in the spring of 2021, and my experience has been nothing short of excellent. Their onboarding process is thorough (and informative especially for “first-timers”), their matching method and process is thoughtful, and their team is warm, professional, and very supportive."

“…transition seamless.”

"Peachtree has really helped our practice flourish. We have had several VAs help with a variety of projects and different phases of creating infrastructure for our growing practice. The overall foundational structures have made every transition seamless."

“ Our Peachtree VA’s energy is infectious and she is ALWAYS on top of all her tasks.”

“We love working with our VA. Her energy is infectious and she always follows through with diligence. Our weekly meetings are productive, she is on top of all her tasks, and we appreciate our weekly check-ins with her."

“Five Star rating!”

"Working with my Virtual Assistant is a blessing! I really enjoy working with her, she's very knowledgeable, very helpful, and extremely professional. She definitely deserves a 5 star rating!!"

“…a lifesaver for me and my business.”

"I will be forever grateful for my VA that has joined Wilkerson and Company. She has honestly been a lifesaver for me and my business. It is just me running this business, and my #1 goal is 100% client satisfaction. My VA and I talk every single day, and she manages my entire schedule and calendar and is also wonderful at client facing (and my clients ADORE her!) She keeps all of us focused by planning agendas, taking notes, offering her opinion, sending follow ups, and helps us check off our to do lists by keeping us all on track. Knowing I can trust someone in front of clients is super important, and she is just wonderful."

“Highly recommend this service if you are looking for ways to become more efficient.”

"Our organization has benefited tremendously from Peachtree Versatile Assistants! Our assistant has helped us become more efficient by serving as our first point of contact and triaging communications to the appropriate staff member. She is reliable and dependable, and able to get so much done in a short amount of hours. I highly recommend this service if you are looking for ways to become more efficient!"

“My VA Is Wonderful!”

"Just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude for our VA. We appreciate her so much, from her professionalism to her dedication and care about our business. She is wonderful.”

“Peachtree VA’s Are The Pros!”

“I absolutely love Peachtree VA because they are the pros when it comes to virtual assistant and direct-hire staffing. They take the time needed to get to know your company's values, goals, vision and work environment to help find the right talent to serve your business."

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