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5 Small Business Tools You Should Know About

Running a small business requires a LOT. Entrepreneurs are never short on grit, patience, determination, and heart – but many are lacking systems, processes, and technology they need to run (and scale) their business effectively. 

The good news? There are so many tools accessible to small businesses. The bad news? It can feel downright overwhelming to research, select, and set up said tools. 

Don’t worry – we’ve done a little legwork for you! Below, you’ll see a roundup of 5 popular tools our clients (and their virtual assistants) use and love. 

#1 ClickUp

ClickUp is a cloud-based work platform for teams and businesses of all sizes that focuses on streamlining solutions. With ClickUp, you can create 1 workspace that houses all your needs in one convenient place. Boost your time management, productivity, project management, and daily tasks with team collaboration functionality and even team chats! Curious to learn more about ClickUp? Check out their free on-demand webinars HERE.

#2 ToDoist

Do you love making lists and crossing off to-dos? Even if you’re not, as a business owner, you know the importance of keeping details and tasks straight and how challenging that can be when wearing so many hats. ToDoist makes it easy to create tasks and projects, add subtasks, set schedules and reminders, view upcoming tasks, and set daily priorities. To learn more about the features of this awesome tool, click HERE

#3 Monday.Com is a popular easy-to-use visual platform that manages projects, tasks and all their moving parts. It’s a little more robust than ToDoIst and gets a lot of love from creative clients that want their tools to be visually appealing as well as functional. Want to learn more about Get a complete product overview HERE

#4 Hubspot

If you’re not using a CRM, you’ll want to check out this cloud-based tool which was designed to help you boost your ROI by aligning the efforts of your sales and marketing teams. You’ll never lose sight of a qualified lead again! Learn more about Hubspot or request a free demo HERE

#5 LastPass

At Peachtree VA, we are big fans of LastPass! This password management not only helps us share sensitive information in a secure way, it allows our fully virtual team to serve our 100% remote clients with ease. Lastpass creates strong passwords and remembers them for you, and stores them all in one, secure place. They offer a free version or a paid version at a nominal cost. Learn more HERE. 

If you are eager to get started on a new platform and bring your business to a new level, contact Peachtree VA to set up a complimentary consultation, and learn how our talented virtual assistants can help execute a new platform to help your business succeed. 

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