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Why Choose to be a Virtual Assistant 

Why Choose to be a Virtual Assistant 

There are many advantages and benefits to becoming a Virtual Assistant. Please find below some commonly cited reasons for taking the plunge. 

The Ability to Manage Your Schedule   

Virtual Assistants have the freedom to determine how much, and when. Full-time work, part-time work, and/or flexible weeks are all options available to Virtual Assistants. Such freedom to choose has been shown to dramatically help in creating far better work/life balance, and a level of flexibility that more and more of today’s workforce find desirable.  

Working Remotely 

Peachtree VA’s work remotely. Prior to 2020, remote work was considered a job perk available to very few. The pandemic taught us plenty, including that productivity went on the rise with the advent of remote work in 2020, and 2021. Today, 58.6 percent of the American workforce is working remotely, to some degree, and they love it. That said, many employers are attempting to cut back on remote work, even though it’s been demonstrated to increase productivity, and save so much time. Don’t get stuck in long commutes! 

So many of us have come to know that we can accomplish much more, with fewer distractions from dedicated work spaces in our homes. 

Time Saving Efficiency 

Remote work allows precious time (often hours) to be saved on getting ready for a day at the office, commuting to that office, distractions from fellow employees also packed into that office, and then leaving that office for lunch. Working from home without having to complete all those necessary steps proved to be a more focused, efficient way to work, allowing people to get more done and be their most productive. 

Working While Traveling 

The ability to travel while working remotely is another compelling benefit for those choosing to become a VA. It matters a great deal that our VA’s accomplish their tasks and fulfill their responsibilities, but it simply doesn’t matter “where they do it from.” The beach, mountains, or the park are all environments from which our VA’s do their jobs. 

Straight From a Peachtree VA 

We asked for testimony from one of our very own Virtual Assistants… It has been no surprise to us that Alyssa has proven herself to be a highly valuable asset to our Peachtree VA Team. Here’s what Alyssa had to say… 

“I have loved working as a Virtual Assistant for Peachtree VA for several reasons. First, the flexibility it offers is unparalleled. I can set my own hours and work from anywhere, which allows me to balance my professional and personal life seamlessly. Secondly, the supportive and collaborative team at Peachtree VA creates a fantastic work environment. There's a real sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among team members, and we truly do live out our core values as a team. Lastly, the diverse range of tasks and projects from each of my clients keeps the work engaging and dynamic. Every day brings a new challenge, which keeps me motivated and constantly learning.” 

 –Alyssa Hutton, Peachtree VA 


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