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3 Ways to Promote Engagement in Your Remote Business

Remote work is looking like the new norm for many businesses, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Peachtree VA has been 100% virtual since launching in 2015, and we have learned a lot along the way. With all its perks, we would be remiss to not admit that keeping a fully remote team engaged takes creativity and intention.

Below, You’ll Find Our Top 3 Practical Ways To Promote Employee Engagement In Your Remote Business. 

  1. SLACK is a communication platform for your team and your work. From free plans to paid plans, Slack has everything you need to send a quick direct message, engage in video chat, join huddles and share clips, and participate in multiple channels for chat. At Peachtree VA, we love to share success stories on our team channel, as well as engage in recipe swaps, photo sharing, and quotes of the day in our #watercooler channel. 
  2. Host virtual team building events, like YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE. This game helps you discover fun facts and stories about participants by guessing which story belongs to which person. This game is organized but socially played with a group of 5 to 15 players, very similar to how a boxed game would be played around the table. It requires no preparation on your end except that players have their phones handy to enter answers as they watch the game on Zoom. Get ready for a virtually good time! 
  3. Invest in a business coach who specializes in remote work culture. We have had great success working with remote business coach, Maryellen Stockton from Work Well Wherever. Work Well Wherever™ is a remote work consulting company that provides customized coaching, training, and guidance to small businesses and start-ups seeking change in today’s modern workplace. Check out their website and services today! 

Let’s face it, the remote work environment is not going anywhere. The more you engage your employees, the happier and more connected they will feel! If planning and executing these types of events sounds like another task you don’t have time for, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help. You can schedule a complimentary consultation today!