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Welcome to Peachtree Versatile Assistants, your premier provider of U.S.-based, highly accomplished, and uniquely qualified Virtual Assistants.

Think of us as your trusted partners, ready to stand firm in your corner and support you how, when, and where you need it most. Our low cost of entry, Method Matching, and the high caliber of our VA’s set us light years apart from other firms.

The Peachtree Process kicks off with a no obligation phone call where our Director of Business Development asks insightful questions, and actively listens to you so that you can be precisely matched with the proper support.

You’ll be amazed to see what your VA can accomplish… and even more amazed to see what you can accomplish with your VA at your side.

Spread Too Thin?

If you are spending too much of your time as a leader working “in your business” as opposed to “on your business,” or if your team is stretched way too thin with tasks that prevent them from excelling at a higher level, then you are ready.

Schedule a Call.

Before you are matched with your VA, we will take you through the Peachtree Process. Our Director of Business Development gets to know you and helps identify your precise needs. She asks the right questions, is an expert listener, and will quickly determine how much time you may need a Virtual Assistant for.

Delegate Like a Boss.

Time to begin an incredibly productive relationship with your Virtual Assistant and delegate like it’s your job. Because it is. Your VA will hit the ground running, and make your work life infinitely better, and more productive. Best part is your Relationship Specialist will not leave either of you. We stick around to advise, check in, and be available for you and your VA.

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Download our comprehensive e-book The Power of Virtual Assistance filled with vital insights and information that help you identify your needs and understand the process. Learn to Unleash Your Full Business Potential with a wealth of tools and systems to support you and your VA as you learn how a VA can become an integral part of your growth and success.

How We Work

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The Peachtree Process

Before you are matched with your VA, we will take you through the Peachtree Process. We will help you determine your precise needs, if and how we can help, and how much time you'll need a Virtual Assistant. We can quickly adjust to your needs as you grow.

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Method Matching

After we determine all your needs, we are ready to expertly match you with your VA – based upon competency and chemistry. We have an extraordinarily high Matching Success rate because we excel at connecting our clients with VA’s that are the best fit for them.

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Stay Supported

Your Virtual Assistant comes with a team of specialists to provide ongoing support. We ensure that you and your VA are engaged in a highly productive, mutually successful working relationship. We remain in your corner and ready to respond.

Why Peachtree VA

We Allow You to
Start Small

Our VA's are of the Highest Caliber

Ongoing Personal Service from Us

We Can Quickly Adjust as Your Needs Grow

“We don’t just provide you with a highly skilled Virtual Assistant that has the technical skills you need, but one that is handpicked to complement your unique company culture and leadership style. Then we let you start slowly, without a huge commitment, and grow along with you.“
John McKenna

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